LABEL UPDATE: UNHOLY GRAVE, JACK (Cassettes and Co-Releases) + More coming this Autumn

We have so many releases planned – the logjam at the pressing plant has slowed us way down, as we need to move the units that are currently STILL at the pressing plant before we can go ahead and get the new stuff out. I know every label keeps saying this, but ALL of our planned titles WILL BE RELEASED. We need a little patience and time due to the overwhelming amount of new “labels” and “bands” popping up all over the place that are armed with their deposit and head to the already overcrowded pressing plants.
We will be doing a few cassette titles and co-release titles as that lessens the burden and extended waits a bit.
Up first, on the new cassette arm of Give Praise will be a new cassette from UNHOLY GRAVE, this will be distributed and released in the US and Brazilian and Japanese folks will be able to grab it from our partner label Karasu Killer Records.
We are also working with a few labels on the new LP from Hungary’s JACK – this will be their best output to date and their first Vinyl LP – check out the teaser for the upcoming album:

That is it for now – we’ll be back to check in later this week, next week we will be sending off a whole batch of new stuff to the pressing plant (hopefully!) Thanks for checking this out and grab some records!

– Paul / Give Praise Records
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We have some more radical imports for you today! We grabbed a bunch of new LPs from Polands Fat Ass Records – the new one from CAPTAIN CLEANOFF and the new split from SUFFERING MIND / NAK’AY – both slaughtering grind masterpieces. We also got a batch of titles from Germany’s Institut für mentale Hygiene, most notably the European pressing of the new DESPISE YOU 7″ – so if you missed it on this side of the pond, now is your chance to grab it! Along with that, we picked up some EPs and a 5″ split from YACOPSAE / DEEP – the EPs include ATTACK OF THE MAD AXEMAN, and CANCER CLAN / OVERPOWER.
We grabbed the new Demo EP from DILUTION – it is self-released and features members from xKatexMoshx, NEID, and the singer from SICK/TIRED coming together to form a killer fastcore / powerviolence powerhouse.
We worked out a deal with gore / sickgrind label Splatter Zombie Records to grab some CDs for US distribution – there are a whole batch of these, titles include: KADAVERFICKER, RIPPING ORGANS, HYPNOTIC, MIXOMATOSIS and more sick grind (s)platters.
Lastly, when we picked up the DILUTION demo, I grabbed some more SICK/TIRED 7″s – so we have a restock of those also.

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SUFFERING MIND / NAK’AY – Split LP (Fatass Records)
New Split LP from Poland’s SUFFERING MIND and Canadian NAK’AY with all together 19 grind attacks. Splatter vinyl available.
CAPTAIN CLEANOFF – Rising Terror LP (Fatass Records)
Even for well-seasoned metalheads, grindcore is a tough pill to swallow. It takes some very skilled manufacturers to produce grind that can walk the tightrope between borderline white noise extremity and a whiff of actual songcraft and something for listeners to latch onto. Personally my tolerance for grind has lessened in recent years, mostly due to the fact that good grind bands are difficult to find. Thankfully a few gems have crossed my path and rejuvenated my interest in the genre over the past couple of years, like Gridlink’s Longhena, Antigama’s Meteor and the solid blast of Nasum worship delivered by Unrest earlier this year. Now we have the long gestating second album from Aussie grinders Captain Cleanoff to sink the old chompers into.
DESPISE YOU – All Your Majestic Bullshit 7” (Institut für mentale Hygiene)
Right in time for their European tour Californias Powerviolence veterans Despise You came up with a new release. This onesided record delivers two bandnew tracks and a great cover of RKLs “drink positive”. Expect the usual Despise You sound: short, hard and pissed! This is the European Edition with an alternate Cover! The US Version was released by Pessimiser Records and is sold out!
CANCER CLAN / OVERPOWER – Split 7” (Institut für mentale Hygiene)
Cancer Clan from Potsdam deliver three ripping and brutal metallic grindinfluenced Hardcore tracks. Fast and ready for destruction. Overpower hailing from Leipzig create a doorbraking, straight-forward japanese Hardcore sound in the tradition of Death Side, Crude or Warhead. This record is their farewell release. The record comes with a great black/white coverartwork done by Cancer Clans drummer Loffi. The release is limited to 300 copies on black vinyl.
ATTACK OF THE MAD AXEMAN – Animals of the Music Business 7” (Institut für mentale Hygiene)
This is Old School Grindcore!! After some months of hibernation the five wild animals from Attack Of The Mad Axeman team up again to release this crushing piece of vinyl. Inspired by old Grindcorebands like Brutal Truth, Terrorizer and Repulsion they took up their instruments and recorded five brand new high-energy wood grinding Grindcore songs. Punishing blastbeats, hard hitting guitars, exploding bass and bonerattling vocals -Animal Grind is future! The record comes with a great coverartwork in a 8-paged foldercover.
YACOPSAE / DEEP – Split 5” (Institut für mentale Hygiene)
This is the official re-press of the ultrarare (just 40 copies exist worldwide!) split 5″ from 2000 which was released on Dhyana Records and Peter King Records. Yacopsae deliver a sharp smasher called “Plakativ korrekt” in the vein of their “Fuck punk rock”-era. Deep from Augsburg are doing a cool Yacopsae-cover (“Blind”). The band is an old pop/noise-project of two members of the german punkband Inferno.
DILUTION – Demo 7”
International fastcore/powerviolence band from Rome featuring members of xKatexMoshx and Neid, and fronted by singer of Sick/Tired who makes regular trips there for shows and recordings.
HYMEN HOLOCAUST – Kissed by the dead….Touched by the deformed CD (Splatter Zombie Records)
Here it is, the new masterpiece by Hymen Holocaust!
It`s the 10 years anniversary album, expect pure rancid sicko-shit!
All lovers of goregrind & porngrind and all fans of Hymen Holocaust will love this disgusting new album, it features some guestparts from the Cliteater sickos!
Safe your daughters, wifes and girlfriends, this album will rip their hymen!!!
SIKFUK / E.F.R.O. – Fecal Fuck Stick Split CD (Splatter Zombie Records)
This is one of the sickest and most disgusting split CDs in the history of sicko-music!
Awesome collaboration between americas sickest fuck, SIKFUK, and the nastiest maniac from Canada, E.F.R.O.!!
Killer mix of different genres: gore/porn/grind/slam, you get it all on this stinky split, don`t miss it!!!
KADAVERFICKER – Nekrokore is Love CD (Splatter Zombie Records)
The German Kings of Nekrokore, KADAVERFICKER, are back with their new, ultra sick Album “Nekrokore is Love”!
After countless Splits and EPs, this is the second full length Album and their best Work in the 22 Years Bandhistory!
A great Sound Production meets Influences from several Genres like: Grindcore, Death Metal, Goregrind, Sludge, Crustcore, Punk…… this Mix is what the Band calls NEKROKORE, ultra sick Shit!!!
Support the Underground and be Part of the perverted Fickerz-Nekrolegion!
DEATHTOPIA – Caesarean Section CD (Splatter Zombie Records)
DEATHTOPIA – the japanese Masters of Gore Metal are back with their second full length Album “Caesarean Section”!!!
11 crushing Tracks of pure “Gore Metal” Mayhem, if you like old EXHUMED and old CARCASS, then you will love DEATHTOPIA!!!
RIPPING ORGANS / PORNOCAUST – Grind Party Split CD (Splatter Zombie Records)
What a nice disco album!!!
RIPPING ORGANS from Mexico play killer grindcore with some goregrind influences!
This nice mix is completed with hilarious and funny lyrics, great Mexican act!
PORNOCAUST from Spain (featuring Marc from Mixomatosis) play great dancable porngrind with snorting pig vocals, porngrind lovers will be very satisfied!
This split is a great party album, so get your danceshoes on sickos and get ready to FIESTAAAAAAA!!!
ANAL FISTFUCKERS – Scat Porn Maniacs CD (Splatter Zombie Records)
New stuff from spermanys finest scatgrind sickos!!!
19 tracks of pure disgusting filth to dance and to penetrate your anus!
HYPNOTIC – Taken of the Sea CD (Splatter Zombie Records)
Debut release of the unholy death metal horde HYPNOTIC!!!
No funky bullshit but pure death fucking metal from Germany!!!
This is another band from vocalist Kevin Petersen, he is also doing the vocals in Acranius and Slowly Rotten
FECALIZER / MIXOMATOSIS – Split CD (Splatter Zombie Records)
The mexican fecal zombie army FECALIZER and the grind legends MIXOMATOSIS on one killer split!!!
SICK/TIRED – Manufactured 7″

MAILORDER UPDATE: New Arrivals – August, 18 2015 – EYEHATEGOD, DISCHARGE, SORE THROAT, and more

New stuff in today! Killer imports for you to check-out!
We have stuff in from FOAD Records out of Italy, the brand new 9″ split from EYEHATEGOD and PSYCHO – also the reissues from DISCHARGE and SORE THROAT – given a proper vinyl reissue that look as radical as they sound. We also have some imports in from Mexico, titles from COACCION, and TU CARNE, both presented on LP. Next up, the new 10″ from grind heavy weights THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN and LYCANTHROPY – some more killer tunes from Dead Heroes Records. Lastly a EP from Acid Redux Productions – the new 7″ GRINCHFINGER / COMPULSION TO KILL ‘split’.

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EYEHATEGOD / PSYCHO – Split 9” (FOAD Records)
New Orleans’ Sludgecore lords EHG team up with Boston’s sickest grinding Hardcore veterans Psycho on an incendiary 9″ slab of vinyl!! Yes, 9 inches of uncontrollable, sheer insanity and negativity from two bands that have never failed delivering anguished, blood-dripping sonic violence over the last 3 decades.. Both sides have been recorded live in Europe during their summer tours June-July 2011, and the audio quality of these soundboard recordings is simply astonishing, clean, powerful and heavy as a steamroller crushing your eardrums! Both sides capture the very core of the intensity of these bands on stage, and you know what to expect: EHG crank out 3 tormented classics of misanthropy-tinged heaviness.. “Story of the eye”, “New Orleans is the New Vietnam” and “Sister fucker”, PSYCHO complete the hecatomb with 6 short and fast stabs of rabid Hardcore/Grind in their own matchless style. What else to add? We chose to do this as a 9″ because we find it a highly collectable and enjoyable format and reminds us some classic oversized 8″ pearls of the ’80s Japanese Hardcore scene of which we are total maniacs… and to get even closer to that feeling, the front cover art was drawn by Malleus taking inspiration from an old Kikejii flexi disc released in 1983 by ADK Records! It also comes with an insert with both bands’ photos. Dedicated to Joey LaCaze and Seth Putnam.
DISCHARGE – Live at the City Garden LP (FOAD Records)
Official reissue of this legendary live LP from the band’s golden days, originally released on Clay Records in 1989. A slab of pure rawness that captures these UK Punk icons in an intense, ultra-powerful performance during their legendary 2nd US tour (Northern USA and Canada) in fall 1983. As the original pressing says “these recordings were taped on the sound desk on the night of the concert and although they may lack the technology of full studio recordings they nevertheless capture the live excitement of a Discharge gig and have been fully approved for release by the group”. In point of fact, this is raw, furious and totally out of control and together with “The nightmare continues” (the other Discharge’s official live album on Clay) it portays in full effect these D-Beat generators at the top of their game. All their classic anthems are included: “Hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing, “Never again”, “Potest and survive”, “The blood runs red”, “Decontrol” and so on.. And as for all F.O.A.D.’s releases this has been mastered from the best sounding source in existence at Toxic Basement Studio, keeping the original sonic impact in its most genuine and uncontaminated form, just adding more balance to the instruments and that punch-in-the-face live feel that no band has ever topped. Served in a thick glossy UV gatefold jacket: the outside is a detailed reproduction of the original sleeve, the inside and insert – all designed and assembled by Rich Militia of SORE THROAT – include a stunning collection of rare photos from that tour (and other shows of the same period), flyers and detailed liner notes. Quoting the ending paragraph: “Live At The City Garden New Jersey is one of the better recordings and performances of the band at this point, and no one can deny the power of tracks like “Anger burning” or “Born to die in the gutter”. They are beyond reproach in my opinion. This is the perfect epitaph to the band’s 1983-1984 period. Lovingly remastered for vinyl by those lunatics at F.O.A.D. Records, and with some finished packaging upgrades, this is not state control, this is Rock’n’Roll!!”. And wait, there’s more.. inside you’ll also find an accurate reproduction of the original poster of that tour, an item highly sought after by collectors!
SORE THROAT – Unhindered by Talent LP (FOAD Records)
Housed in a thick reverseboard gatefold sleeve including lyrics and detailed liner notes by Rich Militia, enriched by a 2 sided A2 poster. Official reissue of one of the most influential and distinctive Grind/Punk/Noisecore albums of the late ’80s Britcore scene, and of all times too. 52 songs of cider-intoxicated aural butchery backed by a caustic sense of humor and savagely provocative lyrics attacking the HC scene of their time. To quote some reviews of when this came out: “SORE THROAT are the latest hell spawn of the ultracore thrash “gurgling-gravel-in-a-sound-avalanche” school of thought”. “SORE THROAT are a music fan’s worst nightmare, 52 tracks that threaten to defy the very laws of nature, the ST sound is a thick, ugly mother that catches you like the swiftest blow to the stomach and leaves you feeling you’ve just gone 15 rounds with a runaway steamroller.” Originally released in 1988 after a few successful demos and the hyper-legendary “Death to capitalist Hardcore” 45 song EP, “Unhindered by talent” was the groundbreaking debut full length of UK’s most extreme noise unit, combining ultra-short detonating bursts with some solid 2-riffs/2-words HC ragers devoted to the Discharge/early Scandicore formula and also inevitably reminescent of DOOM, with whom ST shared 2 members. Mastered from the best sounding source in existence for the fiercest possible sonic devastation on vinyl.. “unhindered by talent but we don’t give a fuck!”
COACCION – Bipolar LP (Mundo En Kaos Records)
11 songs of brutal HC/Crust from Tijuana, Mexico!
TU CARNE – Culto A La Muerte LP (America Under Akracia Records)
Goregrind from Spain.
GRINCHFINGER / COMPULSION TO KILL – Split 7” (Acid Redux Productions)
Morbid American grindcore versus ripping grind from Malaysia. Presented via 500 black vinyl copies with full-color sleeves. Acid Redux copies include ARP and Grinchfinger stickers. Coreleased by Acid Redux Productions, Audio Swelling Records, Grindfather Productions, Headsplit Rekords, Crippling Pain Records, Hash Crimes LLC, Third Eye Grind Records, Buto Grind Shit Records, and Death Mutt Records.
After an awesome debut full-length album, the leading British booze-grind/violence poggers are hugging the Czech Lycans by their tentacles this time. Five new bullets with a heavy sound (same recording session as the LP) and some funny intros/intermezzos. On the flip side are the first Lycanthrophy tunes with Otto (Needful Things) in their line-up. Fresh from their recent first US tour, Lycanthrophy destroy everything with a top quality extreme hardcore massacre. Their 8 tracks were mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering. The gorgeous artwork was done by Guilio (Huere Artwork).